Welcome to the XCELA Homepage!

We are a research group pioneering revolutionary modes of computing.

We believe in:
(1) Robust frameworks
(2) Self-ownership
(3) Information Freedom
& (4) Radical Computing

Update (03-16-04): We now have manifestoes! Find out more below.

Our Obsessions:
  1. Digital Sovereignty
  2. New Web Pioneering
  3. New Computing
  4. New Living
  5. Info Freedoms
  6. Miscellaneous Apps


We believe:

Web 2.0 is becoming inhospitable; network event horizon is impending. Good users will be forced to migrate to their own domains, if they have them.

Freedom relies on self sufficiency relies on private ownership. If you build your own temple in the woods, you become immortal, netowkring with an underground network of exiles.

If you don’t own property, you are the property. Live in the town square, off rented land, and the magistrate can expel you at any time, or cut you down like a dog.

This is what untethered knowledge exchange will look like in coming years; a dispersed network of web landlords exiled from commie prison-platforms, forced to strike out into the wilderness, organising through underground tunnel link-lattices!

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We believe:


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Live Sites

The Wired Network

TBW - Related to our DSS

Realtime Communication

Increases in latency and browser-side rendering capabilities allow for a radical new communication medium – true realtime, with every keystroke posted as its pressed.

This new medium of online socialization is NOT a mere gimmick, conversations in realtime have a character of their own, something feeling more similar to a voice conversation than a text-chat.

It has to be experienced to be understood, and the experience in practice is highly sticky -- it's hard to go back! This is the future, just you wait and see.

Realtime Imageboard (Meguca/Chen2)

Our first realtime chat tests took place on the imageboard--the modern heir to the BBS. We wanted to solve the issue of difficult exit that plagued imageboard communities. We achieved it - read our case study.

Unfortunately a dropped out dev has left our code incomplete, if you know golang, please assist!

Realtime IRC (Somachat/WiredNET)


Urbit Operations

Social Networks

Misc. Projects

We believe:


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New Learning: Augmented Exocortex


We believe:

As radical ways of living are augmented by technology, technology can train users in radical ways of living.

We aim to architect the extremists of the future.

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Media Archives


Blueprint, Edith - Exocortex retraining manual

Preconfiguration OS/Pi?

Planned - we shall prepare a custom linux install preloaded with the radical technology and media to rewire the user into a kommando. If the computer is our external brain, then your brain can be reinstalled.

Second stage: pre-installed on physically sold microcomputers. A new brain in a box!

We believe:

Authorship is a myth. Information needs to be free. Any blocks on the free flow of information profanes the network, and demands only network-exile.

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Miscellaneous Apps

Our Friends

A little more about us:
We are a proud sister community to Remilia Collective, honorary cyber kommando militia for 3DTestosterone, and astute followers of Exo-Science.

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